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Necrosarium is a proud supporter, as well as event and store partners, of:

XENON offers a wide selection of the hottest brands and trends for mens and woman, straight from Shibuya, which is the mother and center of youth fashion, culture, and entertainment of Japan. XENON is also the official Cure Magazine shop in the States, spreading the true form & movement of Japanese rock music."

319 E 2nd St #119, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Pan-d-ra is a visual kei band with beautiful vocals and instrumentals, having an elegant sound while keeping it rocking! The band consists of vocals Toshiki, guitarist 翼, bassist MA-YA, and drummer YO-HEY.

Solo project started by vocalist Kenzi in 1991, and founder of かまいたち in 1985! A noteworthy detail of Anti Feminism is Kenzi's antics at live performances. During shows, he has set off fireworks, set himself on fire, broken fluorescent light bulbs over his head, jumped onto boards covered in barbed wire, and various other extreme stunts, consistently injuring himself and calling for hospitalization. This is highlighted at Anti Feminism's official site, with the section 'Mad Performance'. *They are not anti-feminists.*

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 4.17.31 PM.png

Madmans Esprit is making depressive suicidal blackened pop in Seoul, Korea and their second home, Berlin, Germany.

Madmans Esprit is under ‘Gan-Shin Records’, the European label of Japanese bands like DIR EN GREY, lynch. and sukekiyo.

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